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Praise for “Eyes to the Sky”

Both a prayer of hope for those beat down by circumstances, and a shout of courage in these toughest of times, Walter DeBarr’s new single, Eyes to the Sky, calls us all to persevere. The song’s simple acoustic guitar intro reminds me of the first phase of the pandemic, when it felt okay to be alone, when puzzles and Netflix and Facetime sufficed; when the song goes electric, I hear what so many feel today—isolated, uncertain, sometimes afraid. While daily TV news only serves to fuel the most foul, Walter’s music heals and empowers. When the last chord of “Eyes to the Sky” rings, I am rising above the disease in our air, in our culture, feeling like I can be part of a solution.

Brad Becker, Red Barn Radio

Walter has tapped into a place that feels raw and personal with “Eyes to the Sky.” Honest introspection and never-give-up attitude have obviously served as the catalyst for this anthem. This is a song that speaks to the fundamental human need to not surrender. Well done, Walter.

John Inghram, Fletcher’s Grove

Though the lush and palpable texture might seem like DeBarr and his band were gazing towards their shoes in the studio, the lyrics and driving nature of “Eyes to the Sky” make it clear they were searching a higher plane for this anthem of the weary and resolute.

Josh Nolan, musician and WSKV dj

Walter DeBarr’s new single, “Eyes to the Sky,” is haunting, driving, subtly anthemic. His vocals–a melding of the smoky, solemn crag of Tom Waits and the verve of Gary Clark, Jr.–along with his well-crafted lyrics, make this a powerful composition and a wonderful addition to the contemporary Appalachian landscape.

Tiffany Williams, singer-songwriter

From the fade-in guitar intro, a galloping finger style acoustic phrase that gets swirled around by halftime backbeat drums and a scurrying little electric riff, almost immediately your head bobs. There’s a unique rhythm at work here, an aural illusion maybe, the way a spinning wheel appears to slow down and reverse its direction when you stare at it. Natural, amniotic, and deeply comfortable, it hooks into you from the start. Walter’s voice, a corn husk combo of rough/silk, like sandpaper fashioned into lace, doesn’t so much come in on the verse as it simply materializes; it just stops being NOT there. He sings of the struggle merely to exist, with or without your daily dose, how some folks die and others don’t. Your head nods along. How some folks fade away. The sounds swirl around you, wrapped tight around your spine. You listen because you’re caught in the dreamscape woven by his voice, that beat, those hypnotic guitars, and now there is a violin calling you further toward the truth he is speaking. “Don’t stop, for anything.” Check the bio, y’all. This man speaks from experience. Walter DeBarr knows the shit you’ve gone through, because he’s gone through it himself. And he is still here to tell you about it. Step into his dream, wake up and listen.

Lou Poster, Drift Mouth

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